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Love Story's End have put their own spin on the 1985 Prince classic "Nothing Compares 2 U." Immortalized in 1990 by Sinéad O'Connor's album and MTV video, the song topped charts worldwide and became a best-selling single. The hard rock update was produced by Mark Black and Clint Hagler. Released July 30, 2013.

01. Nothing Compares 2 U

"Nothing Compares 2 U" Written by Prince.
Courtesy of Publisher Controversy Music.
Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.

As Performed by Love Story's End.
Produced by Mark Black & Love Story's End.
Recorded at Riverside Studios in Moselle, MS.
Mixed, Mastered, & Engineered by Mark Black.
War Tribe Media, LLC dba War Tribe Records.
© 2013 Love Story's End

Clint Hagler - vocals, guitar
Phil Krohn - drums
Matt Bounds- guitar
Chip LIzana- bass


The second release from Love Story's End, "Death Doesn't Deserve Me" examines a poem line-by-line until ending on its title track. The concept record changes directions and shift moods while always maintaining its presence of underlying aggression. Produced by Mark Black and Clint Hagler. Released Feb. 14, 2011.

01. And So The Righteous
02. Fall To Darkness
03. Virtue Is Of The Past
04. Guilt Is A Reigning Future
05. Purged Of Ye Soul At Last
06. Healing Hands
07. Hold
08. Beating Hearts
09. As Angels Turn To Thee
10. But Pure Is Flight
11. Where Wings Ignite
12. Death Doesn't Deserve Me

Produced by Mark Black & Clint Hagler.
Recorded at Riverside Studios in Moselle, MS.
Mixed, Mastered, & Engineered by Mark Black
at Cenico Studios in Biloxi, MS.
All Songs written, arranged, & performed by LSE.
© 2011 Love Story's End

Clint Hagler - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard
Phil Krohn - drums
* Track 9 w Kris Hayman (guitar) & Alfred Jordan (bass)


The debut album from Love Story's End was recorded in just 3 studio sessions with a "plug in and play" punk approach. Produced by Clyde Holly and Clint Hagler. Released Aug. 29, 2006.

01. Biloxi War Tribe
02. My Mind Has Wings
03. Give, Take, Devastate
04. Diary Of A Lovebird
05. Hell Is...
06. Cataclysm In The Classroom
07. Bus Driver Stu & The Yellow Fever
08. The Betrayal
09. Anesthetic Honeymoon
10. Music Is A Dead End

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered at HollyHouse Recording Studio in Biloxi, MS.
Produced by Love Story's End & Clyde Holly
All Songs ©2006 Love Story's End
"Hell Is..." & "Diary of a Lovebird"
©2003 Christopher Tran & Clint Hagler
Additional Keyboard in "Anesthetic Honeymoon"
by Clyde Holly

Clint Hagler - vocals/guitars/bass/keyboard
Chip Lizana - guitars
Matt Bounds - bass/vocals
Bob Myers - drums


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