Update on Frets For Pets

Way to go Dimitri and all of the Frets for Pets crew and supporters. We were able to take part in performing at this year's 3 day event last month. Amazing to see all their hard work pay off and supported. Anything to help our furry friends!


At this years Frets for Pets we were able to raise $7000!!! This money will come as much needed relief to overcrowded and underfunded shelters in desperate need of real help, which we have all provided as a community! We also want to thank all of our sponsors including, but not limited to, The Sound Tito's Handmade Vodka and Gulf Media Collective

We were able to give $1750 each to:
Humane Society of South Mississippi
Tired Dog Rescue
Jackson County Animal Shelter Gautier, MS
For Pet’s Sake Rescue

We also want to send out a HUGE THANKS to all of the wonderful bands, musicians, artists, rappers, and more that were able to make this wonderful community event come to life in such a magnanimous way! We sincerely could not have done it without you.

We truly came together as a community this year, and I believe we can do even better next year. Here's looking forward to it!